Little swan

“Лебединое озеро”

Long, long ago, somewhere in Spain, there was a little girl who used to dance. As the dream started, it also ended fast. after second year and some illness making the girl miss some lessons, after balled was cancelled and rhythmic gymnastics became the only option, the little girl gave up.



The little girl is not little anymore… Still a girl… perhaps just a human being. One more dream from a pricess that died with the little part of the girl… though it was the biggest part of her..

Introduction to Broken dreams

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”

Marsha Norman

As I can switch language more or less comfortably, I do it. Main resason is this phrase appearin after my fith post and idea I already was building about some things I Want to write about: Dreams.

From now on there will be a group of post about my “Broken dreams”. I will borrow the tittle of this song from Green Day “Boulevard of broken dreams”.