All is change

This is all about: Movement. Changes.


The world moves and we move with it. Life moves forward, mind moves backward. Head spins from memories to dreams and back to reality. All is in a continuous change. It can be really dizzying. We all try to look forward to be on a firm ground and we resist to accept that movement is actually normal and a necessary condition in life. We are so afraid to loose, so reluctant to abandon the boat we row that we don’t even care if we just go down the stream to nowhere. It happens with jobs, with love, friends, hairdresser or many other things. We think what comes across our lives is there forever or we should aim for this static balance but… What if balance is moving and what we do is just stagnating? Why to stick to a couple we don’t love if we know there can be something there waiting for us? Why to give up a project just because it was rejected a couple of times if we really love it? What holds us to beliefs we inherited from other people or society? It may be the wrong path and as long as we walk it, we don’t walk the right one. Time doesn’t come back so… Time to take some risk and make few more bold decisions!

5b cupido_y_psique[1]Bouguereau

Protection… What if we all had a guardian angel, a bodyguard, a protector to give us the confidence we miss to make the right steps? What if we are the angels we try to look for and the world has not this long teeth? It’s easy to accept that within change there’s a kind of balance, but for this we should realize the real wealth is  within us, that means: If we change our job, this comes with us. Again all the negotiation begins about conditions and salary but there comes a time when we really need a bigger pond to swim across. This is just natural!

goldfish jumping out of the water

After all, our roof is not as hard as we think. We may hide on what we believe is more safe even when we don’t like it or we think it’s not our place, but foot of destiny can crass the caravan in the blink of an eye. So the best to do is probably to accept the change as part of life and surf the stream instead of trying to lock ourself to a ground. Time to up anchors!


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