Versatile Blogger Award

Well some time ago I was nominated by kantauriitsasoa for the Versatile Blogger Award. I’m not sure at all about the way it works. I should nominate 15 blogs I follow and I like and… post there something about the Award as this blogger did with me.

I don’t really find a place in this page to follow the nominations and how rank is, I have no idea about whose choice it is in the end, but I’ve seen the blogs appear in a page and it’s a good chance to meet other blogs and to promote the ones entering this page. The winner/s probably gets something like this for his/her/their blog:

The “thing” to be posted could be:

Congratulations !!! I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award for the excellent content of your blog. 😀

Follow this link

An the list of blogs could be:

  1. La Torre De Babel
  2. Consejo Nutricional
  3. Lo Que Nunca Te Digo..
  4. Cultural Detective Blog
  5. Lagunas Del Periodismo
  6. Cocina Con Anna
  7. En Bromerio, Medio En Broma Medio En Serio
  8. Elcaminoalacima
  9. LitERaFRicA
  10. El Amor Une, No Ata
  11. El Cuento De Saliary
  12. Don Charisma
  13. Consonancias Y Disonancias O El Eco Del Murciélago De Abril
  14. Chapter TK
  15. Blog De Jack Moreno

And it’s here where I think twice before starting sending this “thing” to all the selected blogs.

The first part is done.

P.S. If anyone knows how it works and could explain me… Comments are welcome(thanks in advance).


2 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. The person who nominated me share me a link is spanish who said that you should nominate 15 bloggers, write a post givin thanks for the nomination and tell three thing about you. I hope this could help you 😛

    • Yes. This gives me a little hint about what I should do now. Time to bother each of the boggers I selected 😛

      3 things about myself… Mmmm this is the harder part… I’m thinking of it for the moment.

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