Little things are worth a lot


I come back to the topic of water. The attitude of thinking just one drop won’t make an ocean is lately too common for me and people I really care about or… even not this close mates. Perhaps we are just a lonely and weak drop, but it’s the association of many drops what creates the wide oceans and the tall fierce waves hitting the rocks, rocking the boats.


What would be of ying and yang without this drop from the other side?

There would be no ying-yang.

What would happen to oceans without land?

This 3/4 parts of water would be just a frozen comet crossing the milky way.


Life appears when all this gets together. We all have a part on this big theatre of life. Even being out of place is part of the plot. We just don’t know how important it can be until the time has already passed. As Jeffrey Archer points: Only Time Will Tell.


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