It’s never too late

4. You aren’t too old for a career change.

No matter how many degrees, time, and money you’ve put into something, it’s a sunk cost. You don’t get it back by sticking out something you don’t love. Don’t listen to your parents. (Sorry, mom!) You aren’t “playing it safe,” when you’re doing something you don’t love. You’re playing it scared. Do you really want to live with regret because you were afraid to pursue your dreams and embrace your potential?


This is the point driving me to this post. I really wish I’d known it in my 20’s or even earlier. It’s never too late, yes, but for sure after some time sticking to “the safe option” for some time I still think of a crazy change, but now there’s more to think about and this safety so much concern about I’ve been comes now by the hand of money. And money is exactly the line I chose back then, before facing I may actually like the part or marketing, analysing and some touches of it but perhaps not a whole degree based on it. For sure not leaving behind other things and potential so clearly pictured in front of me as languages (one of the things I never get enough of), psychology (no matter how deep in mind theories and I go, I always feel I can dig deeper) or even music (secret passion: strings. Violin family and piano).



Some of these potential found a way to be kind of “side quests” on my journey, but many others didn’t even start. Ignoring them all I just took the safe way running away from my technical drawing teacher, Latin experience and Chemistry. I took a degree based in a huge part on maths, the only subject I didn’t dare to ask about and the one still there as one of the “hard bones” despite I managed to fill the blanks from my past and get the right level for my area.



Looking back then, to this girl just after the Spanish version of what in some countries is called “matura”(Poland) or in others the “A level” (UK), thinking of future and basing her decisions on family’s point of view and options after the degree instead of paying attention to passion. Yes… This is the problem… I just blocked all this and my own will in this sea of fears I was living in. I wish Id had the courage to dare to face myself and feel my choices in side to make them come true in time. As this point says: It’s never too late. Only question is life can be less easy and achieving these real choices from my will can be little bit more difficult now. I still don’t dare. I must dare one day, soon.


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